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There are also three dependent territories (Bari, Grelz, and Rivaroli). The mages of Derlavai gather magical power from the various power points scattered around the planet and the ley lines which link them, a recent discovery made only 200 years before the start of the books. Eggs may also be buried in the ground and enchanted to explode like landmines if they sense pressure, or can be buried along ley lines and set to explode if a ley line caravan passes over them, which simultaneously destroys the caravan and overloads the ley line's controlling spells. The Darkness is a first-person shooter video game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by 2K Games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. [1] Similarly, the Algarvic nations all speak Latin-derived languages: Algarve speaks Italian, Lagoas has Portuguese, and Sibiu Romanian. Previous to Six Years' War Forthweg was partitioned between Algarve and Unkerlant, but later gained independence after that war. Lagoas capital, Setubal, is described as being the wealthiest and most cosmopolitan city in the world. © 2002-2021 Filmaffinity - Movieaffinity | Filmaffinity es una página de recomendación de películas y series, y es un medio totalmente independiente cuya principal prioridad es la privacidad y seguridad de los datos de sus usuarios. Though a fantasy, its general history, geography, and combatants are analogs of World War II, called the "Derlavai War" in this universe. Lagoas joined the war against Algarve when Sibiu was invaded and underwent several air attacks from Algarvian dragons based in Valmiera. Large, modern cities tend to be located on or near strong power points which provide the energy for the operation of the city's lighting, heating and other comforts. There are plants producing pottery, for example, in large amounts, but behemoths and dragons are bred on farms and clothing appears to be made by tailors instead of in factories. Mass production by machines, as in our world. The Darkness is an American comic book series published by Top Cow Productions. Though a fantasy, its general history, geography, and combatants are analogs of World War II, called the "Derlavai War" in this universe. Smaller sticks are seen owned by civilians for blazing vermin or hunting game, or used by constables. Si alguna sinopsis cuenta demasiados detalles del argumento -o para corregir errores o completar datos de la ficha o fecha de estreno- puedes mandarnos un mensaje. Their typical dress includes kilts. The equivalent to Imperial Japan. The beam from a soldier's stick can burn a hole through a person with little difficulty, although they are largely ineffective against dragons and behemoths, which are not only naturally tough but also armored or painted silver to reflect beams. Demons book. [citation needed] It is an island chain nation off of the southern coast of Derlavai. 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Its people are described as tall, broad, and muscular, with wirey blonde hair and beards, and are the only nation described as having varying eye colors. Allied with Algarve in the beginning of the war, its people are most noted for being incompetent militarily, though individual soldiers and dragon flyers sometimes show bravery. Most of the action in the series takes place on the main continent of Derlavai, located in the southern hemisphere of an unnamed planet. [1] Many of its characters are also the equivalents of historical people. Rather, each nation has personal and geographical names taken from a real nation on Earth. Dragons can carry eggs beneath their bellies for their fliers to drop on enemy forces or cities. Kuusaman sorcerers succeed in discovering a new method of magical energy release, first using it to counter Algarve's murder-fueled spells, and eventually, a more powerful version of the spell is used to destroy the capital of Gyongyos. "No tiene nada especialmente malo, pero tampoco tiene nada que sobresalga". El detective Jan Michelsen está investigando la desaparición de Julie, una joven de 17 años cuyo rastro se perdió de noche en Greve, un suburbio de Copenhague. King Penda declared war on Algarve as part of the initial coalition against Algarve, but was attacked by both Algarve and Unkerlant and the country got re-partitioned; later, the whole is occupied by Algarve and at the end of the war is occupied by Unkerlant, which decides not to annex it outright but make it a satellite. Gyongyos and Kuusamo had been fighting a war over possession of islands in the Bothenian Ocean when the Derlavian War broke out. Fire In The Darkness, Book #2 in the Darkness Series. Sibiu is named after a town in Transylvania. Mezentio and his generals have spent much time and energy in preparing for a revenge on all their foes - especially the Kaunians. Its people are Algarvic in blood, but it allies against Algarve. What happens to the Kaunians in the Darkness series is the equivalent to the Holocaust,[9] where Kaunians under Algarvian control are systematically stripped of their rights and violence against them is ignored by the authorities. A Watcher-Hunter is stalking Immortals, kidnapping their loved ones to force them into a fight on his terms... and Tessa is the next one to be kidnapped. Unlike in the historical World War II, the Kuusamans first demonstrate the power of the weapon for Gyongyosian captives (who are then released) but the Gyongyosian government refuses to believe in the demonstration and the spell is used to devastating effect.\.
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