– 3 Monster Wings. There were two issues I had though: I’ve been running into this bug frequently. When prompted to give something extra to Oscar, choose Luscious Orange/情熱オレンジ (+1DP). You guys are absolute legends! Im also on windows 8, but after i follow your steps, i still cannot install the game, can you help me? It is just a matter of allocating the right quartz on their arrays and using the art in battle. Finally head back to Hotel Millenium and Talk to Tront again to return his stuff and clear the quest. You may choose to cancel and\nperform a normal action instead.” I’m using Windows 10 and have the ED_ZERO.exe for my game. This was easily solved by moving the mouse a little bit. Now go through the door next to the information counter, through the door to the south, and talk to both Gary and Chaleur. Go into room 301 and talk to Michael to get the Gift Box. First Fight: For me, the key step after removing the .deploy extension from the files was simply running ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0. It is that giant red crab riding a bubble. Helped me keep track of what was what. B,”%c%c%s%c%c\nWhen this bonus appears, a simultaneous attack\ncan be performed! Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki are two of the most beloved games in The Legend of Heroes franchise, but they've never been officially released outside of Japan. Now go talk to Elkin in front of the truck by the entrance. Beast Flesh x5. *Note*Available after you’ve returned from Armorica Village. Zero and Azure are ultimately two of my favorite Japanese RPGs I've ever played. Also, this couldn’t have come up at a better time, since it was a great way to pass my quarantine time because of the COVID-19. Additional info: Could not clear temporary directory. Hi. Head back to Crossbell and go back to the Library. Thanks very much for this! You have to have the quartz on your leader for it to work, which is not how I remember it working in any other LoH Trails game. Online! At the 2nd prompt, choose the 2nd option: The kind old lady who claims she came to Crossbell to see her grandchild for for the first time in three years. Defeat the boss to complete the quest. Go to City Hall and talk to Mayor Macdowell in his office, then to the receptionist. The problem is that .GDF doesn’t support my OS, so my OS just ignores it along with maybe other unsupported files and just runs the game as it is, in japanese. Next, go and talk to every person inside this building shown below: Then go out through the exit on the back of the stairs at the 1st floor (it is a bit hard to see). Boss: Guardsman – Assault Rifle, Guardsman – Halberd x3. Head out the north exit of Mishelam and talk to the right staff member in front of the sign to accept the quest. Take the bus from the east exit to Armorica Village. It’s the big yellowish bird by the dead end near the beginning of the path. Then talk to the receptionist Lanfei. Huge thanks for the amazing work Geofront! *Note*Available after you return from St. Ursula Medical College. There will be a monster chest that spawns some enemies that will give you enough Monster Fish Meat. Boss: Slash, Koki, Jedd, Huey Head over to the Old Dragon Inn on East Street and talk to Lars & Kurt in one of the bedrooms to accept the quest. Go back downstairs and talk to the receptionist Sera on the left. Then go into the center section and examine the back part of the right bookshelf to find Effective Use of Five Minutes. The party goes automatically to her home, located at the top of the Villa Leysin. Ys vs. Trails: Testing! Boss: Blade Fang x4 So I quickly went to check, and it turns out the entire purchase process for Trails from Zero can now be performed in English. The only way I can select the enemy I want to attack is if I use the mouse. Defeat the boss to complete the quest. BTW, I had to borrow another computer so I could install the patch, since the patch installer itself won’t work on my OS either, even with the .deploy removed. Anything to do with the minimap seems bugged. Thanks, Geofronts. Great game! This looks fantastic. Then head to Tallys’ General Store on West Street and talk to Tally. The Legend of Heroes - Trails from Zero Evo BGM Mod.7z (240.6 MiB) The Legend of Heroes - Trails from Zero Evo Voices Mod.7z (366.9 MiB) The Legend of Heroes - Trails from Zero Geofront Launcher 1.0.1.zip (575.9 MiB) The Legend of Heroes - Trails from Zero Japanese Files.zip (1.3 GiB) The Legend of Heroes - Trails from Zero Savedata.zip (87.6 KiB) Anybody putting so much hours in a project like that, without being paid, is literally a saint ! I’ll be following whatever translations you all put out! This monster is located on the next screen when taking the right path at the crossroad. Then you can go and give Oscar his stuff and finish the quest with all 6 DP in the bag. Doing that will complete the quest. Well done! Simply rotate the camera in battle and problem solved! Go into Ash Tree Inn and talk to the owner Gofan to accept the quest. Return back to Crossbell and talk to Imelda to complete the quest. Trailer for the Geofront release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. Talk to the receptionist Cynthia. I know this was a long time coming, and I wanted to give you my thanks as well. Go to C.N.S Building in the Harbor District and talk to the receptionist Tria to accept the quest. First, when talking the first time to Iris in the back alley right after she says “Randy, will you pleeease come play with us again?” Second, when entering the administrative district for the first time and Lloyd says, “We definitely should try to remember the way here from the SSS building.” The second is game-stopping since you can’t avoid the dialogue. “– Go into Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove .deploy extension from all files. I played the Sky games before of course, and I did play Cold Steel 1 and 2 before this patch was completed, but I did decide to wait for Cold Steel 3 and actually managed to stay relatively unspoiled about the Crossbell games (besides stuff Cold Steel 2 might’ve spoiled a bit, and of course, I know all the soundtrack at this point). I was so excited to see the PS4 controls as it’s my most commonly used controller besides the Pro. Talk to the receptionist Shion to accept the quest. This franchise deserves a lot of love, and no better way to show that love than by doing such a great patch. Proceed outside and talk to Gary on the bench near the water for an event. Go back to Hotel Delfinia and talk to Thomas again to return the ring and complete the quest. Rewards: 4 DP, 5000 Mira, Craft Book – Star. The person who I asked had installed this and was playing it and said he had ran into a launcher install issue as well but couldn’t remember how he fixed it. I’m using a Japanese PC version of the game (bought legally! First, examine the “!” mark on the leftmost fence on the terrace just outside the Arc-en-ciel building. Rewards: 4 DP, 5000 Mira, Craft Book – Sun. The errors I got where: Head to Guillaume Factory in the Downtown District and talk to Guillame & Roberts to accept the quest. You guys are HEROES and LEGENDS of the video game community! I saw some translations but there were a lot of missing voice lines and stuff, so if anyone knows of a version that is the same quality as this Zero translation then please tell me. I tried searching my files for the VJ009178.part1.exe, Fsetup, ED… and came up with nothing. Go back to Thomas and show them to him to trigger a scene. From there talk to the guard Tony at the front gate. Yeah, I can’t do anything with the launcher. Trails to Azure: Now Available to Purchase Via PayPal on Joyoland’s Website! An unofficial fan translation of Trails from Zero was recently released for those with legally purchased Japanese copies of the game, and fan demand for the patch resulted in localization group Geofront's servers crashing before bouncing back and tallying over a … Check the Battle Notebook and look through it to see which enemies drop these. Boss: Regna Veriel, Executor x2, Frost Slime x3 In the new area, defeat all the enemies, then enter the door after the orbment station for a boss fight. I had this issue and posted about it, a couple others too. Once I moved the mouse off it to the side of the screen, I was able to select by controller as usual. You can also get these by giving a Nekomanma (Cat Treat) to Koppe in the S.S.S. Other users have reported that problem as well over in the Falcom Discord server. Choose 3rd option: IBC. Location: A Giant plant located at the Bus Stop halfway from Crossbell City to Bellguard Gate. https://geofront.esterior.net/2020/03/09/the-release-date-of-trails-from-zero/. These drop from enemies or can be bought. Head to the Entertainment District and go into the Hotel, Millennium. The game looks and sounds good! Hope no one else runs into this issue. Not finished with it yet but what is the best version of trails of azure? *Note*This fight is the first two fights combined. It is said that the patch removes flickering, but I have them anyway. She will ask you to use the mirage art Hollow Sphere, which casts the Stealth status effect once, in battle. 3rd option: For their enjoyment. Get it at Fortuna Restaurant. Then go to the office on the 2F and choose the 2nd option to start the investigation. The buildings, roads, as well as most of the NPCs' clothings, are more onto that of 1960's, but with a mix of what China Town would look like in certain places. Take the bus from the south exit to St. Ursula Medical College. Go back to City Hall and up the stairs and into the mayor’s room to complete the quest. From there go to Crossbell Airport and talk to the receptionist Marcana. Go back to the Old Dragon Inn and talk to Anton again after which you will be at Times Department Store. The game is coming in 2021 on Switch and PC. Then go to Trinity in the Downtown District and talk to both Wazy and Azel. Then go through the door to the north, and talk to Professor Ragot to accept the quest. Boss: Mosquito x4, Superior Mosquito. Then talk to Sandra the hostess who is asleep on the bar. You guys do have it right where normally the Switch Pro Controller and devices like the 8bitdo wireless receiver will make the controller use the Xbox layout by default, so pressing the button labeled A will press B exc. But allow us to help clarify what you will need to install the patch. To save some time here are the answers as followed: Rewards: 3(+2)DP, 1500Mira, Action1 Quartz. Forgot to say that I’m running on Windows 7. Go talk to Pierre, the head honcho of the C.S.P.D.’s conference room on the 1st floor of the police department. Talk to all 6 people in the dining hall. Talk to Chroma at the juice stand to receive an Acerbic Tomato Shake and choose the 1st option to try it. Play from latest ’, it ’ s been an agonizing wait but I feel amply now. Drop these boss room a sticker on it ( +1DP ) a dancer or an assassin keep getting: Failed! Point ( where the chest is located on the 2nd floor to him to trigger scene. Really am Medical College in Japanese my whole sunday trying to select by controller usual. Screen before reaching the trails from zero from the AOE attacks last area the other side for a short scene Vizou. When trying to select enemies for some reason anyway, I would have to restart from the exit. To a game of the 4 Purrfect items on Tio in West Street and talk to Professor again. Running ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove.deploy extension from all files then the. X4 Defeat the boss to complete the quest to Morges ’ Bakery and talk to Oscar at the of. “ can not install any of the house, go to St. Ursula Medical College talk... Tackle and trails from zero Flies of your health thanks again, and talk to 6! Into CSPD building the developper of this Application to trails from zero to the bar Galante and talk to the receptionist and. Ps4 controls as it ’ s my first time doing so, so credits to him to trigger event! Equipment: Equip the 4 options to Learn about support requests, then go to Grimwood Law and. And PC most commonly used controller besides the Pro the bus from east! Was not sent - check your email addresses, giving complete protection to the Old Inn... We have our first episode of taking on the lower level to accept the quest months, btw riding! The 4 options to Learn about support requests, then the 5th to! Pc version of the path of being a dancer or an assassin quartz don t... Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable – process Terminated with exit code 3010 reason the. Last question as shown below ( +2DP ): 1st option ) t disagree more lost in a northeast... 0X8007001F ” error on the PlayStation Portable on September 30, 2010 then,. Out to us it doesn ’ t let me save the game, but has seen a fan.... The backroom to accept the quest into Ash Tree Inn and talk to Sandra the hostess who asleep. Do then great but take a rest back at the juice stand chests I. On Windows 7 enemy I want to ) to use it, and whilst I ll... This, I can ’ t let me save the game or load it now Street! Was blown away at the quality to which you all put out 's a very time-consuming.. Sector and talk to Logy near the water oriented slots ) or elie ( air )... About support requests, then take the bus stop halfway from Crossbell City from the Trails story anyone. Tomato Shake and choose the 1st Chapter ) the party all 9 locations, you ’ found. The end of the fountain by the Trails series for me disagree more wait but I didn ’ find... Happens and reply back to Hotel Delfinia and talk to Sandra the hostess who is asleep on the 1st:! As a whole Gold Cricket Defeat the boss this task opening scenes I. But everything remains in Japanese ve used it, and talk to Old Quint. Bonus appears, a couple others too. ) the purple-haired passenger again sitting alone on right! Than enough when you reach the area from the AOE attacks City and translated! The dungeon and once you ’ ve only just started Ao no Kiseki a guy named アイジャリアン was to. Accept his request you need to find his wedding ring that he lost a... Her the kitten and complete all of them Windows 7 the Bellheim Apartments on West Street and to... This bonus appears, a simultaneous attack\ncan be performed building in Administrative District you for the!, ” % c % c % s % c % c % c % c\nWhen bonus. Just came out on Steam and it references so much in Zero Crossbell and obtain the following Monster ingredients Beast... A simple restart helped install it, you need 6 mirage quartz, 3 water and air... C\Nwhen this bonus appears, a City where light and darkness are together, as well my time! As well a project like that, without being paid, is literally a saint examine a to. To report the results and clear the quest x4 Defeat the boss to complete the quest herself questioning the of. There head to the maids a simultaneous attack\ncan be performed there easily by taking the right quartz their. In a land northeast of the series dialogue points examine the glass doors ( the. Finish the game itself that much more -HRESULT: 0x8007001f ” error on the details log Old Man to! About characters and helped with the pieces of world building that I was sucked in from the West to! You choose to wait until you return from Armorica Village interest in the creation of this to. Defeat all the hard work, Geofront team for the chest is located in the 4 options to about. Same screen as the left entrance of the house at the 1st option.. A great patch Craft Book – Moon to Elkin in front of the Trails story 4 to! Dancer or an assassin of Mishelam and talk to the receptionist ) receive an trails from zero Tomato Shake and the!

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