For this purpose, people used a gas oven in the early days. 12,200: Dawlance Cooking Series Microwave Oven 26 Ltr (DW-128-G) Rs. The reason for its popularity is its efficiency and a reliable cost. Rs. Prepare sweet and savory dishes with a cinch to absolute perfection. Medium Size 36 Liters Microwave Oven. Dawlance Microwaves price in pakistan ranges from Rs. Haier HDL-20MX89-L. Rs. Order your microwave oven online and get it on installments. It has features like defrost, grill, baking, etc. Dawlance Products, Reviews, Items, Features. 43,000 with an estimated average price of Rs. Furthermore, right now these Dawlance microwave oven price in Pakistan 2021 seems to fix. 5.0. 10,300/-. This assures quality and customer trust. Rs. 7,700 PEL Microwave Oven PMO 20 DESIRE B8 20 Liters Black has the market price of Rs. ... Special Price Rs 389,999 Regular Price Rs 399,999. Dawlance DW-136 Cooking Series. News & Events; Blogs/Vlogs; Happenings at Dawlance; Service & Support. PEL microwave oven is available only in black color. 21,000: Dawlance Classic Series Microwave Oven 62 Ltr (DW-162) Rs. It has a full digital panel that is touch-sensitive. The best price of Microwave Oven in Pakistan is Rs.13,230 and the lowest price found is Rs.7,099. Homage HDSO - 2311S 23Ltr. It has features like jet defrosts and weight defrost which specifies that the quantity of the product does not matter and the operation will be performed efficiently. DAWLANCE 32 LITERS MICROWAVE OVEN DW-132S. 19 Apr 20 - Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, 11 Jun 20 - Timargara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, The main part of a microwave oven is Magnetron(A microwave generator). SW-MD4 has a medium display window. The prices of Microwave Oven is collected from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as,,, and If can make citrus fruits sweet and juicy. Microwave Oven is designed for cooking, baking, grilling, defrosting, reheating the food. That's why it is also known as a heat controller and the other one is used to set the time. Experience the true art of baking with the new range of Microwaves from Dawlance, ready to assist in all your baking needs. Put the honey jar into the microwave without the oven for 30 to 60 seconds. The magnet converts the electric power into microwave radiations. The timer can be settled for 30 minutes max. ... Dawlance DW-387- 28 Lliters Classic Microwave Oven . It can control electricity bills due to low power consumption. Also see your favorite microwave oven price in Pakistan. The product has a warranty of 1 year in case of any issue in the product. Quantity : ... Shophive is a premium and first e-Commerce store of Pakistan, Established in 2005. July 04, 2015. You Might Also Like. In Pakistan, this combination made it easy for customers to buy a single device having multi-functions. Microwave Oven works on a frequency of 2.45 GHz. It is used to liquefy honey – If honey has become solid in the jar, it does not mean it has become useless. Dawlance DW-MD11 S Classic Series. Dawlance DW-128 G Cooking Series. The best price of Oven in Pakistan is Rs.20,435 and the lowest price found is Rs.6,200. It reaches the food in the cooking chamber from every corner and heats it equally. A microwave is a device used in homes for heating or defrosting purposes. The other is a time controller. The crystals will be melted into liquid honey. Now people like to purchase microwave ovens in Pakistan which not only help them in baking but they also defrost their food items and help them cook the processed food. 9,100/-. 16,500/-. An oven is used for cooking or even baking. Haier HPK-2070M Microwave Oven comes with high quality result is priced at Rs. SW-MD4 is environment friendly and consume less electricity. Show More Show Less. Microwave Oven works by exposing the food by electromagnetic radiations for heating and cooking. The collected prices were updated on Jan. 12, 2021, 2:03 p.m. As the world is developing, so are the needs. It has a time setting button, heat setting button to regulate the operations. 9,299 It can enable child-lock for safety purposes. 26,399: Dawlance DW-550 Microwave Oven 30L: Rs. 14,750. It has a storage capacity of 20 Litres. Means the top of list is Dawlance, so it means that our research indicates this brand is best in terms of Microwaves. - Mega.PK 1. Microwave operates on 2 controllers, one for heat setting that has an option from defrost to high heat. A microwave oven can be used to peel of garlic - Put the garlic cloves into the microwave for 10 seconds and then peel it off. Top 5 Microwave oven in Pakistan Microwave Ovens Price Comparison Microwave Price Dawlance Microwave Oven Classic Series DW-MD4 Rs.7,600 PEL 30BG Microwave Oven Grill 30Ltr Rs.12,000 It has a wavelength of 12.2 cm. The cooking chamber has a light to make the food visible while the operation is being performed. Life at Dawlance; Why Dawlance; Fresh Start; Work With Us; News & Events. Get the latest price for Dawlance Baking, Dawlance Microwave, Dawlance Dw391, Dawlance Convection, Dawlance -, Dawlance 25l, and other products.