MATH-UA.0… Combining computer science and economics studies for a double major can prepare students to bridge fields and work with computer technology as it intersects with economics. Now that want has increased, I am looking into the field of Computational Economics. Electrical Engineering, Operations Research, Mathematics, Linguistics, and Econom… Master 2 disciplines - computer engineering/computer science and economics - in this double degree programme jointly offered by NTU's School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) and School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Reg. Since AY2006, SCSE mounted the Double Degree programme in Computer Science and Business in recognition of the industry needs in such fields. Core Requirements (7) 1. Two areas I was thinking about was Computer Science and Economics two subjects that have I have been highly interested in. Find out how you can enhance your value and opportunity to build a career and forging many long-lasting business and personal contacts with our Global Programmes while in NTU. The Bachelor of Science in CSEC provides students with foundational knowledge of economics, computation, and data analysis, as well as hands-on experience with empirical analysis of economic data. The degree includes: Economics core courses; Economics major; Computer Science core courses; Business School electives If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate, completing a single major may be all you need to be accepted into a graduate program. Additionally, over 10 percent of double majors include a foreign language. Data Protection and Privacy CSCI-UA.0101 Introduction to Computer Science (Fall / Spring) prerequisite: CSCI-UA.0002 or CSCI-UA.0003 or placement exam 2. I have been taking about 16 units each semester, with generally 2 CS classes, 1 Econ class, and a 4th class that is … The School of Computing offers direct admissions for its undergraduates to pursue a double major with another faculty/within the school. The Nanyang Business School (NBS) has more than 5 decades of experience in educating business leaders. Under the DDP, some courses may be counted towards the requirements of both degrees, thus allowing a student to complete two degrees in a shorter period than it would take to complete them separately. Those requirements, which reflect the collective wisdom of the professors in the field, should be kept in mind when selecting courses. Computer Engineering with Innovation & Design, H2 pass in Mathematics or Further Mathematics and either Chemistry or Computing or Physics, H2 pass in Mathematics or Further Mathematics and either Physics or Computing or Chemistry, Computer Engineering with Systems Engineering, Computer Science Courses with Mathematics. The economics curriculum is particularly well-suited to use in double majors and has frequently been combined with mathematics, physics, civil or electrical engineering, management, political science, and other fields. It aims to leverage the advantage of NUS being a comprehensive university, allowing students to fully develop their potential through multidisciplinary programmes. Bachelor of Actuarial Studies / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) This double degree allows you to combine advanced studies in mathematics, economics, finance statistics, data science and artificial intelligence. 7-Aug-2020, Double Degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science and Economics, Last modified on Double majors are normally awarded within the same school or department. Finance/Computer Science v. Finance/Economics Double Major (Originally Posted: 04/26/2012) For a while now I have been wanting to broaden my horizons and pick up a double a major. This double degree programme, jointly offered by the College of Engineering and the School of Social Sciences, aims to equip graduates with excellent knowledge and competency in engineering and economics. In addition to this list, NTU also provides a comprehensive list of minor programmes that you can take along with the courses that are a part of your major programmes to broaden your study options. To keep paths open, as majoring in Econ with CS for Data Science and many other fields like Actuarial Science, Quant Finance, etc is great. A double major with computer science, economics, or physics can be facilitated by the corresponding concentrations. Master 2 disciplines - computer engineering/computer science and economics - in this double degree programme jointly offered by NTU's School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) and School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Mathematics & Economics track of the Bachelor Program offers a scientific approach to economics. In planning a specialization in area X, it helps to be familiar with the requirements for a major in X. To obtain a second major in economics, a student must satisfy all of the departmental requirements for the economics major. of Information System and Analytics, Good H2 pass in Mathematics or Further Mathematics. Students who pursue a double major in economics and political science will be aware of the relationship between political policy and the economy as well … Double Degree Programmes (Full Time) Students in the double degree programmes (DDP) are awarded with a degree certificate for each of the two programmes. It relies on the construction, analysis, and interpretation of abstract models as well as on the confrontation of theoretical conclusions with empirical data coming from the field or from controlled experiments. Computer Science and Economics (CSEC) is an interdepartmental major for students interested in the theoretical and practical connections between computer science and economics. Business Administration and Computer Science/Information Systems are complementary areas of knowledge wh… Double majors are conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacities with a significant degree of depth by pursing a second major alongside their primary major. 7-Aug-2020, SCSE Virtual Celebration for Class of 2020, Teaching Laboratories & Infrastructure Services, Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (New programme from AY18/19 onward), Double Degree in Business (with specialisation in Business Analytics) & Computer Engineering/Computer Science, Computer Engineering/Computer Science with a Second Major in Business, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) - Part Time. At the beginning I always wanted to double major in Economics and Computer Science . A double major, or dual major, is the act of pursuing two majors, with both typically falling under the same degree. Sometimes a specialization "is not enough", and the student might want to graduate with another major (besides CS major). CSCI-UA.0202 Operating Systems (Fall / Spring) prerequisite: CSCI-UA.0201 5. Hi, I am currently double Majoring in Econ and Computer Science, mainly because I like both of the fields, at a school that is top ranked for both of them. The new major is designed to train students to become the unseen game-makers behind virtual markets. The program is designed to meet the growing demand for graduates needing a strong foundation in Business, Information Management Systems, and Computer Science. Applied Math majors are encouraged to consider a double major (or to minor) in another discipline.The most frequent choices of AMS double majors are computer science and economics.Students in other majors who are considering Applied Math as a second major Through the BSc (Data Science) Double Degree Major, students will gain a high level of computer programming competency, the capacity to apply appropriate statistical procedures to large datasets from different sources, an understanding of contemporary digital media, and the ability to communicate data-driven solutions to a range of audiences. David Autor (left), a professor economics, and Asu Ozdaglar, a professor of electrical engineering, discuss 6-14: Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science. No. CS Majors are required to take a three-course Specialization. DOUBLE DEGREES SMU students can choose to graduate with a double degree by combining their discipline with either Accountancy, Business Management, Computer Science 1, Economics, Information Systems 1, Law 2 or Social Sciences disciplines.