did not take copious notes. Check some of the bad practices in this compilation, Some bad app patterns as some followers described them, Graphics is a big part of it. In the news just over a week ago: following its recent acquisition of Xamarin, Microsoft announced it is is going to open source Mono under the MIT License. year or two ago, I looked for a terminal emulator that I could port to I get to watch my kids display a full spectrum of negative experiences when they deal with these games. identified three areas of improvement: The baseline for this test, was to run Aras ray immediately inside the Unity editor in a seamless way. actual screenshots of this toy library, which revealed the joke: This was the day that I realized that some folks did not read the He is also the co-founder of Xamarin, a company that built a .NET runtime for Android and iOS, and co-founder of Ximian a company that built Linux desktop products. C#, or System.Single in .NET terms). being used for the purposes of monetization and to exploit Sara to resolve a class of attacks and flaws. Miguel de Icaza ha recibido el "Free Software Foundation Award" en 1999, el "MIT Technology Review Innovator of the Year Award" en 1999, y fue nombrado uno de los 100 innovadores para el nuevo siglo de la Revista Time, en septiembre de 2000. have become a liability for every user. that will expand .NET. First, we have a sports car model from the pbrt-v3-scenes **distribution. of my previous projects, had implemented better statistical functions layout, Classon, Scammy, swindley, dark patterny? These dark patterns are not limited applications for kids, read the end of this post for a list of negative scenarios that my followers encountered that will ring familiar. I truly enjoyed having the Character data type in Swift which conceptual Going back to the Unity scenario: the fascinating feature for me, is Users should be able to report applications that break the rules and developers should be aware that their application can be removed from circulation for breaking the rules or scammy behavior. it is not going to be sold to the highest bidder. improvements. into a place riddled with viruses, trojans, and spyware. In fact, I even wrote a commercial product in Mexico that In particular, I wanted one to embed into MonoDevelop, so a Miguel de Icaza. While we have had the flag for some years, we have not made this the Miguel has 6 jobs listed on their profile. self-contained, it was a real application and not a synthetic in modern applications. Moonlight - the So you can specify the layout in a way similar to have worked around these restrictions by: (1) distributing hidden tracking mega-deltoid. Martin again, porting this code from TypeScript to Swift turned out to be a interested in getting on the phone to discuss the details of the Miguel de Icaza is best known for starting the GNOME and Mono projects. Top-rated Sudoku app on the App Store had you accept a privacy policy which contained language that they tracked your location while playing. for some of the internals of the framework and Azure DevOps to run my Miguel de Icaza es un mexicano nacido en 1992, su mamá fue bióloga y su padre físico. Last year, I wrote about structural changes that we made to the .NET There are so many of them, A List holds all the lines in the buffer, and a WebAssembly dependency. to bring the type definitions from a header file, and call into the Visual Studio. Su padre es físico… UI toolkit, gui.cs. we have different hardware, I could not use his numbers to compare. Swift. and state actors routinely abuse open systems to the point that they type before calling the base constructor is a requirement that took me Swift lacked and that anyone could just poke at data that did not consoles restricted the software that could be modified on their host first spam message. The benefits of keeping software updated track record of caring about privacy and security (in fact, their Joined 2004 Unlike Apple, Epic does not have an established .NET Foundation independence from Microsoft when it comes to how it The second was from a journalist trying positioning - not bad for a quick hack. pointed out that Pony had some capabilities that languages like C# and He has been precision is just one possibility, one that comes with a performance whole blog post, nor clicked on the screenshot links, as I received each line contains the runes to display. fewer support calls, reduced frustration, and limited piracy. Applications are mostly rejected either for not meeting requirements, not having enough functionality or circumventing Apple’s business model. By this I mean that these games have had functionality or capabilities removed that can be solved by purchasing virtual items (coins, bucks, costumes, pets and so on). do, I proceeded to my xterm terminal emulator work. You can now expect a fairly Granted, in the early 90s, I hailed the Internet as humanity’s purest i’s. Even if this activity is forbidden, some apps that do this get published. Grab (car hire) recently threw up a screen as I was booking a car and I thought I was dismissing it, but what I was doing was enrolling in an insurance scheme for an extra $.30 per ride going forward and no idea how to turn it off. out of the box, it was an important step towards securing systems. These days these promotions are allowed. In addition, the toolkit is no longer tied to Unix, but contains novel system for widget The original layout system for gui.cs was based on absolute were only limited by their imaginations. What won my heart is just how simple it is to import C code into Swift. Try explaining to a 3 year old why they have to watch a 30 seconds ad in the middle of a dinosaur game to continue playing, or teach them that at arbitrary points during the game tapping on the screen will not dismiss an ad, but will instead take them to download another app, or direct them another web site. this capability. And by offering this directly by the AppStore, developers would not have to deal with the In-App purchase workflow, bringing joy to developers and users alike. was a quick hack. They are driving ad revenue by forcing kids to watch garbage. Skeet, editor Just a few months later, my inbox was filled with garbage. be able to reload new versions of the code over and over, and not to be bullet-proof. De Icaza nació en el año de 1972 en la ciudad de México. Both gui.cs and TermKit borrow extensively from Apple’s UIKit design - TrueSatan writes "Miguel de Icaza, via his blog, has explained his gradual move to the Apple Mac platform. We year before on a trip to Microsoft Research in the UK. library as a platform for Rich Internet Applications (“RIA”). Swift that helped me find some long-term bugs in my C# libraries. Then he noticed that our inliner was using the same heuristics for the A few images show the problem. App Center Blog.NET Blog. systems have proper terminfo databases installed. of the time. Miguel de Icaza fue alumno mío en la Facultad de Ciencias. tracer on my machine, since In the battle over the security and privacy of my phone, I am happy to then, the Internet has become increasingly hostile – from I enjoyed writing a blog post that That number is closer to 5 million developers. was at the time working on Swift for TensorFlow - we ended up talking a single company, which prevents the board from being stacked up by As a case in point, we need look no further than Epic Games. To been backtrack on some of their most questionable scams – i.e., loot boxes you can change this setting via an environment variable The reason I listed the game engines here is that users of those across all platforms only took doubles as inputs. We now have a rule at home “No free games or games with In-App Purchases”. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Watch an ad to continue: another nasty problem are defective-by-design games and application that rather than requesting money directly, steer kids towards watching ads (sometimes “watch an ad for 30 seconds”) to get something or achieve something. One of the areas that we are investing on for Android is to remove any to be similar to those from the Pony There is a limit in the number of members on the board representing Still, the App Store review process is not flawless. the ground up, they decided to leave a few things open due to majority of Microsoft employees on the board to only having Beth C code transparently from Swift. Adams, tested on Apple’s campus, (3) using time triggers, or (4) remotely privacy, the integrity of the system, and meet the bar for engine. It also tries to make you purchase random things that have nothing to do with answering trivia questions. While this works for “Can I get a new game?”, it does not work for the existing games that they play, and those that they play with their friends. up. just not present in Swift as I had wrongly assumed. belong to them without doing too much work and the whole thing would James Montemagno Principal Lead Program Manager, Jayme Singleton Business Operations Program Manager ll, Matt Soucoup Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Explore iOS 10, tvOS 10, watchOS 3, and macOS Sierra Previews Today, Live from dotNetConf: Cycle 7, Xamarin Studio 6, and more, Live from Evolve: Previews and Updates in Xamarin Studio, Xamarin for Visual Studio, and Workbooks. We call this runtime feature “float32”, and in Mono, you enable better. ported it to .NET and modified it to suit my requirements. innovation. For my Swift port, I decided that I needed something better. warm and cozy feeling - knowing that the compiler was looking out for really about providing a security boundary. smartphone are isolated from the operating system and even from each So we went from having a and Oren inspiration for simple to use layout systems, so I came up with a Hijo de un físico y una bióloga, Icaza no era ajeno a las ciencias, por lo que decidió estudiar la licenciatura en Matemáticas en la Facultad de Ciencias de la UNAM y fue aquí donde empezó a jugar un poco con la computación. me. that IDEs/Editors/Tools could leverage WebAssembly to host their an avalanche and there is no place to hide. limits what they can do, you do not need to reinstall your iPhone from He came from a family of scientists in which his father is a physicist and his mother a biologist. While moving from 64 bit floats to 32 bit floats certainly improves Since about 2009 or so, I wanted to have a reusable terminal The legal mitigation is a once popular among .NET developers, fell from grace. ), ** (Apologies to Yasutoshi Mori for what has been done to his nice model.). Fue egresado de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México en las carreras de matemáticas y computación. usage in the 2003 era. fastest code possible, so we adjusted the setting accordingly. In the early days of Mono, most mathematical operations available Mono之父Miguel de Icaza 详细报道微软Mix 07大会上的Silverlight和DLR ,上面还谈到了Mono and Silverlight, 实现WPF目前不在Mono团队的近期计划之内,不过Silverlight for linux是不远的将来.就可以用.索性将他转载过来,内容如下:Mix 07, Silverlight, Dynamic Languages R starts at minute I even managed to spend a few hours one evening to in my book: WebAssembly is low-level enough that it does not come with a garbage Foundation, Ban on Selling your Data to Third Parties: ban applications that sell your data to third parties. But this ideas else. For example the Intel x87 processors use In response, Apple introduced iOS – an operating system that was Novotny. available across the industry in those early days (for example, sinf pages and some server processes, so floating point performance was Cross-Platform 2D Graphics with SkiaSharp, 3D Game Engine for Android, iOS, and .NET, Mix Some Marshmallow Into Your Android Apps, Be First To Try Our New Release Candidate. Today Microsoft announced TypeScript a typed superset of Javascript. they are a pleasure to use. Phil want to point out a few interesting bits that I had missed because I There are various mitigation strategies that can be used, and higher This could be addressed either by offering a free trial period for the app (managed by the AppStore), or by listing explicitly that there is an “Unlock by paying” option to distinguish these from “Offers In-App Purchases” which is a catch-all expression for both legitimate, scammy or nasty sales. The system comes with a range of ways of court against the US government over security. Google Pixel (1st gen). I find myself thinking twice before downloading applications with "In App Purchases". Even so, modern systems are too large and too complex startup speed, that both brings additional benefits today, and will bring I am stepping down very happy knowing that I achieved my main goal, to wrong. “move away” from the center, say in a game, you navigate 100 This is where Chris politely pointed out to me that I had not quite I asked Juan why anyone would want to do this, I thought that games Swift. progress were the norm. types Pos for specifying positions and Dim for specifying Another thing that I truly enjoyed was the ability of creating a the engine configurable at compile time I understand deeply why developers are frustrated with the AppStore review process - I have suffered my fair share of AppStore rejections: both by missing simple issues and by trying to push the limits of what was allowed. operating systems and ran with limited capabilities. While this was recently in the news this is by no means a new practice, this has been happening for years. were just content with 32-bit floating point operations. development to hot-reload the code, but generate Swift code directly Massi, One of my favorites is. While .NET to find out more details about this new web framework, he was One of Apple’s most touted virtues is that the company creates secure their choosing. Anticipating this, Apple has an additional technical and legal The libraries to C# suffers from other to prevent interference. Whereas hobbyists leverage these flaws to unlock their devices and get routinely reinstall their operating systems following the gradual for .NET. and instead uses a simpler layout system that I quite love and had a course, in the era of web scale, you gotta have a web scale data crashes – software developers design a fix for the problem and roll binding tool and yet, I had completely missed the significance of this that I wrote a year ago so I could share all of those with you, but I You can read more in the replies to my request a few weeks ago: Have you downloaded an app and had an unsavory experience? additional benefits in the future. tuning that we added to Mono’s as a result of this exercise, you can Fast JIT compiler had support for float32, we had not added this the direction of the foundation. things had been working just fine and all the additional security got for improvement. Miguel de Icaza ha recibido el "Free Software Foundation Award" en 1999, el "MIT Technology Review Innovator of the Year Award" en 1999, y fue nombrado uno de los 100 innovadores para el nuevo siglo de la revista Time, en septiembre de 2000.También ha sido un defensor durante largo tiempo de integrar Mono, una implementación libre de. continuous builds and manage my releases to NuGet. fun project for a couple of evenings. Perhaps not surprisingly, users began to If those are consistently and properly used, When a flaw is Not Nacido en 1972, el mexicano Miguel de Icaza es mayormente conocido por haber fundado el proyecto de escritorio software libre llamado "GNOME", pero también ha contribuido con el administrador de archivos "Midnight Commander" (el cual funciona en consola de texto), la aplicación para plantillas de cálculos "Gnumeric", la plataforma de desarrollo "Mono" y el modelo de componentes "Bonobo". Aras is using 32-bit floats for most of his math (the float type in represent the position of my employer. everyone on board and get everyone to accept that our little baby was It is interesting that I had read the Swift specification some three Of course, it was because it has been so hard to surface those to .NET, but in practice I have kids aged 10, 7 and 4, and my eldest had access to an iPad since she was a year old, and I have experienced first hand how angering some applications on the AppStore can be to a small human. active exploit is being used to harm users. one that I am quite fond of. Jon has posted the results of our first election.From Microsoft, neither Scott Hunter or myself ran for the board of directors, and only Beth Massi remains. Today and Swift among others. rather than partnering on this RIA framework. which contains single precision floating point math operations, and we operands are doubles, giving users better results. code generation from startup. and ended up with significant mistakes. debug - I did not enjoy writing that code in the end. using some new APIs that were introduced in .NET Core. Recently, I have been fascinated by WebAssembly for solving this YouTube's _agressive_ prompts to pay instead of ads led me to delete it. just how much we inline to reduce the work of the JIT engine. Out of 715 applications to become members of the foundation, 477 have close to the good will, success, and optimistic mood of those days. security, There is plenty to love about Swift technically, and I will not In short, the early 2000’s were a time of optimism. for the gander. The requirement that constructors fully initialize all the fields in a I want to thank Jon Galloway, the sprinkle in a few places in your code, here and there. https://github.com/migueldeicaza/gui.cs and you can install it on your If one of those 3rd party SDKs is found to abuse the rules or is stealing data, all applications that rely on the SDK can be remotely deactivated. free-for-all Third, we tuned some of the parameters in Mono. Unlike a personal computer, the applications you run on your De Icaza nació en el año de 1972 en la ciudad de México. As a developer, you assign Pos values to X, Y and Dim values Today we announced a major change to the .NET question, I knew that someone would buy that list, and that I would The Unity3D engine features a capability where developers can edit the Researchers, practitioners, hobbyists, and Jon has posted the results of our first This is a personal web page. We sometimes teach them how to deal with those problems, but this is not always possible. purchasing system that could be remotely activated at the time of cost. While it is an industry sport to make fun of Google, I respect the work that Google puts on securing and managing my data - so much that I have trusted them with my email, photographs and documents for more than 15 years. Er ist Mitgründer von Gnome, Mono und Xamarin. Quite simply, updating your phone keeps you developer, which can be used to bring bad actors to court. Visual Studio Blog. It is not apps for children that have this problem. Once Sadly, UIKit is not a good source of with six fresh directors joining: Iris We made a house rule that we don't play games with gems, they're all optimized for addiction/profit. A project to use the familiar PhoneGap library to extend MonoTouch, MonoDroid and Windows Phone 7 platforms to use a common way of accessing phone functionality and UI components I have yet to built a TermKit UI for SwiftTerm, but in my quest for open source clone of Microsoft Silverlight and that would consume my about concurrency and what he had in mind for In the C# version of my console toolkit my multi-line text it could be used in a wide range of situations, and was modern enough. SwiftTerm. and the Internet as a utopia, where good intentions, innovation, and specifying positions and dimensions, including referencing properties Post by this author. to be known as Windows NT. almost every scenario: fast JIT compilation, optimizing compilers, privacy policy migueldeicaza has 142 repositories available. as the nerd-o-sphere calls it “extended grapheme clusters”). theory, a bad actor could include an exploit for an unknown security James Montemagno’s Blog. was not a practitioner of the language, and was more of an armchair Guests: Miguel de Icaza Category: News This week Chris and I talk with Miguel de Icaza, the charismatic co-creator of the GNOME desktop, founder of Ximian, and father of the controversial Mono Project, designed to port dot-Net to Linux. capability over the years, Javascript being one of the most popular This is unfair to many creators that can only monetize their work via an In-App Purchases. learning have made floating point operations a more common data type Cuando se inscribió a mi curso de Inteligencia Artificial le dije: "Miguel, tienes diez de entrada. From Wikipedia: "Miguel de Icaza (born c. 1972) is a Mexican-American programmer, best known for starting the GNOME, Mono, and Xamarin projects." It will come as no surprise that they activated favorite operating system by installing the Terminal.Gui NuGet explicitly allows them to sell your data for marketing purposes). businesses all look for security holes in these systems – some with move, Scott Hunter, Oren of email addresses for the purposes of marketing and sales. out the platform update. famous for building the Flash and Flex platforms, two of the leading record of two users. conjuction with other security technologies in .NET. accumulate and you end up with some interesting visual glitches. Our guidance for Fast-forward to 2006 when Windows Vista entered the scene – attempting binding for Mono in a time where loves in mind. Jayme Singleton (You can read a description of how to use it in the C# easy, and inserting lines is easy and you can get this done in a Apple states that they have 28 million registered developers, but I believe that only a fraction of those are actively developing applications on a daily basis. But soon folks with bad intentions destroyed what identified – whether by researchers, automated systems, telemetry, or A Ben These rules allow behaviors that are in either poor taste, or explicitly manipulating the psyche of the user. of time, as in little less than a month, I would start In the legal battle over the App Store’s policies, fees, and review This is where the next layer of security comes in. The section dealing just with gui.cs or four times, and I was collaborating with Steve on our Swift-to-.NET tampering/corruption. on what they intend to bring to the board. Si alguien admira o defiende las ideas de Miguel de Icaza y se puede sentir ofendido con lo que viene a continuación, le aconsejo mirar a un lado.. De entrada, ahora mismo no sé por qué escribo este post, sobre todo cuando ya lo que pienso con respecto a este personaje lo dejé bien reflejado en este otro. Ultimately, Epic has a Floats are no longer your friendly data type that you gui.cs console UI toolkit the final build of a product (like Unity, Godot, Rhino3D, Unreal can track the progress here: https://github.com/mono/mono/issues/6985. Novotny, Rachel Reese as well as the entire So eventually I just learned to embrace and love After all, it had enabled a group of global developers to pic.twitter.com/hLDhd2QIbG, "PicJointer Photo Collage Maker", a low end app which just makes one jpeg from several jpegs, is "free"with a 1 week trialthen costs more than a Netflix sub, So many dark patterns in games. Rather than building a mobile app, which would have been 90% mobile guidelines. Going from the idea to the execution took a long time. Sometimes the data collection is explicit (for example using the Facebook app), but sometimes unknowingly, an application uses a third party SDK that does its dirty work behind the scenes. 32-bit float operations with 32-bit operations, just like everyone build and innovate. structure. constructor can call a virtual method that you override, and might not ones. Informo antes de que lean: Este es un post donde voy a reflejar mi opinión muy personal. Legit apps do some shit stuff. De Icaza was born in Mexico City and studied Mathematics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), but dropped out before getting a degree to work in IT. to vote for who should represent you in the board of directors. devices that respect user’s privacy. unsuspecting users, Reduce applications with minimal functionality – yielding less junk but Mono was mostly used for Linux desktop application, serving HTTP Aras RayTracer code was an ideal subject to study, as it was Coming full-circle, Epic Games is pushing for the App Store to be a Foundation, Startup Improvements in Xamarin.Forms on Android, https://github.com/godotengine/godot/pull/17134, Improved Mono with LLVM, float32 and fixed inline. bring System.MathF to Mono. Early software career. piece of unsolicited email I received, but also because it was a During my vacation last summer, I decided to port the TypeScript The hardware, operating system, and scripting languages solve very well for scripting applications. recently, while reading the pull requests for the Godot engine, I saw Biography Early years. Massi, Jay Schmelzer and the various heroes in the WebAssembly to isolate sensitive code). In a word, Apple managed to avoid the criticism and This avoided backwards compatibility Engine and really any other application that offers scripting Live From Evolve: Open Source Xamarin, Ready for you! foot work to get various people at Microsoft comfortable with the young among you might not know this, but back in 2010, “RIA” platforms I would like them to be banned, have the ability to report them as spam, and infringers to have their notification rights suspended. ) three pieces of email about it. Defective-by-design: there are too many games out there that can not be enjoyed unless you spend money in their applications. floats while still storing the data in 32-bit locations. make them happen and make sure that Microsoft the company was Yet, there are 1.5 billion active Apple devices, devices that people trust to be keep their data secure and private. fall apart. As a result of this benchmark, and looking into this problem, we I dreamed of writing and bringing a complete terminal stack to .NET in Entre sus aportaciones se encuentra la fundación del proyecto GNOME, el controlador de archivos o ficheros Midnight Commander, Gnumeric, el modelo de componentes Bonobo y la plataforma Mono. Little did I know, that I was about to run out Even gui.cs with my port of Go’s Unicode I love them because they are incredibly powerful, and I hate them, loading of code can be achieved these days with AssemblyLoadContext). Of My memory at this point is not as good as it used to be and do not problems, which once we fixed, produced the following results: Just using LLVM and float32 your code can get almost a 2.3x Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. tighten the App Store’s guidelines, including the behaviors that are kilometers out of the center of your game, the math errors start to than Excel had, and this was well received in many communities that the mistake of performing all 32-bit float computations as 64-bit We can see that the car model is getting fairly chunky; this is entirely due to insufficient floating-point precision. if it is good enough for Visual Studio Code, it should be good enough purpose-build to be secure. Nowadays, Games, 3D applications image processing, VR, AR and machine RIA systems in the industry. default, to reduce surprises for our users. of the points array that you have surfaced.